Contractor Management Module

You've assessed the risks and issued the permit - but if you're using contractors how do you ensure that they're competent and capable to perform the required task.

The Contractor management module ensures:

  • Only approved contractor companies and personnel can be assigned to do a job
  • All contractor certificates are still in date before work starts
  • Full Histories and Auditable Logs can be shown to registers
  • Compliance Registers can be produced on demand
  • Specify the requirements for:

  • Contractor Companies or
  • Individual Contractor Personnel
  • to work under the permit system – e.g. induction, insurance, training

    Specify the validity period, i.e. how often you will update the certificates in the system

    Continuous Rating of Contractors

    When a permit is handed back the company representative can be required to give a rating on how well the job has been done. 1 is poor 10 is fantastic.

    Over time this rating will give an indication of how well the users feel that the company is performing as a percentage

    If this option is enabled the rating can be shown against the company

  • Assess if the contractor company/personnel meets the requirements specified
  • Approve Contractor Companies/Personnel to work under the permit system in one or more of your locations
  • Use colour to flag up any requirement which needs to be checked/updated (e.g. if a certificate has expired)
  • Link contractor companies/contractor personnel to your company/site requirements
  • attach copies of certificates and record expiry dates.