Subsea Contractor uses ATMS for Project Interface Management

Subsea equipment and ROVs on seabed

Case Study: This major subsea contractor adopted ATMS  to create a new interface management tool to help them share information and manage project teams at offshore assets and onshore facilities. The system delivers better structured projects and time savings for project teams.

Interface Management: Capturing & Sharing Valuable Information

Projects all over the world are typically organised around a prime contractor and various subcontractor companies working together to deliver a solution to a client.

To start with the company’s dedicated project interface team used a variety of tools, mainly based around spreadsheets and email, to manage communications with all stakeholders.

They soon realized that their interface management could become more streamlined and efficient through the adoption of Pisys ATMS Action Tracker.

A complete Project Interface Management System was built around ATMS, and are seeing the results: more effective and centrally managed communications, involvement of key people in important conversations from the outset, access to all project information from anywhere, thanks to the cloud-hosted system.

Read the complete Customer Case Study here.

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