At permit creation, the company that will carry out the work is selected from a dropdown list.

At permit issue, personnel associated with this company can be selected from a dropdown list to perform the work.

The information for both dropdown lists is created using the ‘Companies’ Admin option.

Contractor Management offers extra controls for companies and their personnel.

The Company List Screen

Admin > Companies

The Company List Screen shows:

  • all Companies in the PTW system – they will become the ‘Company’ dropdown menu at Permit creation.
  • the number of users with their own user accounts associated with the company – these users will become the ‘Contractor’ dropdown menu options at Permit issue, when a worker is assigned to the job.
  • the number of users who do not have their own user account on Pisys PTW, but whose name and email address has been stored in the system, so that they can be selected a ‘Recipients’ of a permit and set up to receive automatic email notifications.

From here, the PTW Administrator can create, edit and delete companies.

Creating, Editing and Deleting Companies

  • To create a new company, click the ‘Create New’ button. Enter the Company Name and click the ‘Save’ button.
  • To edit a company entry, click the ‘Edit’ button next to the company name.
  • To delete a company, click the ‘Delete’ button next to the Company’s name.
  • A company cannot be deleted if it has already been used in a Permit – it does not have a delete button.

They must be created in the ‘User’ screen, and assigned to a company from there – see section for Creating, Editing and Archiving Users.

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