ATMS Release v5.1.5

What’s New in ATMS Release v5.1.5

In addition to some bug fixes, the release includes:

1.  New ‘User Involvement’ Report

Users cannot be deleted from the system if they are involved in actions or projects. This issue can be resolved by an Administrator. To give Administrators the necessary information, the ‘User Involvement’ Report has been created. This report lists all actions and projects for the user, so that Administrators can address the issue and proceed with the deletion.  – Find out more here.

2. Improved Free Text Search Functionality

The search functionality now allows for multiple search terms to be entered, separated by spaces. – Find out more here.

3. Colour Coding of Archived Actions

The list screen now displays archived actions in white text on black background. This helps distinguish archived actions from closed, cancelled and on-hold actions. – Find out more here.


If you have any comments or queries about this release, please get in touch with  – we rely on your feedback to help us continually improve.

Our ATMS User Manual and ATMS Quick User Guide are always available to provide extra support.

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