Major Emergency Training Online – Train without Travelling

Without requiring candidates to be on-site our virtual control room provides an authentic environment, with full interaction with other participants/instructors via our unique comms system (with simulated phones, radios and PA plus real time voice chat between delegates/instructors.

Also provides a highly realistic INCIDENT MANAGEMENT environment which accurately simulates all key aspects of a major incident and allows an appropriate response to be made under training conditions.

After the global lockdown our customers reported close to 100% reduction in on-premise training. Our Cloud MEM system allows the same authentic training to be delivered without the risk of travel and while maintaining social distancing.

Emergency management courses online - Our training exercises accurately represent actual assets. Students interact with controls in the same way as they would in real life.

The training Scenarios are completely configurable and can be easily matched to your specific needs (for example location maps, naming conventions, schematics, alarms etc.). Scenarios react to student input – there is no fixed outcome – our unique cause and effect logic means that students directly influence the exercise with every decision.

Exercises can be moderated by instructors – who can pause, record and interact with the model by e.g. simulating failures in crucial components

A recent decision by the main accreditation organization, OPITO will now approve training companies carrying out emergency management courses online. This will mean that delegates will no longer have to incur the cost of travel and accommodation to visit a fixed simulation suite at a training centre, but will be able to engage with high fidelity and effective interactive training from anywhere in the world

Simulated status board – with sticky notes

Major Emergency – Individual whiteboards

Major Emergency – Simulated phone system

Many other models and scenarios are available