PTW Release

What’s new in PTW v1.5.0.0

The following is a full list of features that were implemented in Pisys PTW

Table Data
If there is unsaved data in a table for a permit, a warning that data will be lost when leaving the page be put in place.

Line breaks in multi-line text boxes in PTW.
When a user inputs multiple lines inside a multi-line text box control (e.g., description, equipment, user created ones etc.) the PDF print out shows the line separation, but the online view of the permit does not. We have updated PTW view permit screen to match the PDF print out when displaying read-only text.

Ability to Print in either Portrait or Landscape format.
We have updated PTW to allow printing of Permits and Isolations to either Portrait or Landscape via a new checkbox in the Admin -> Permit/Isolation Version Settings. Like the existing “Archived” checkbox, this setting can be toggled on or off even after the Version is in use.

Panel Name Change
When a panel change name, the new name was not showing at every screen that referenced it. We have updated PTW so that the following screens now display the latest Permit Version Panel-Type Description:
• Permit List -> Type (dropdown)
• Layouts -> Plot Plan -> Legend
• Management Overview -> Issued Permits by Month (Graph Legend)
• Admin -> Settings & Access Rights -> Permit Rights
• Admin -> Inspection Types -> Panel Type
The original configuration item under “Admin -> Settings & Access Rights” for “Plot Plans -> Display latest Permit-Version Description in Legend” has now been moved just above to the “Workflow” subsection and renamed as “Display Panel-Type Description from latest Permit-Version”.


The following is a list of enhancements that were implemented in PTW list includes bug fixes and new functionality.

  1. PTW-1223 – June Permits and Inspections do not appear in the new Monthly Permits/Inspections Report
  2. PTW-1220 – Non mandatory Risk Assessments set as mandatory when creating a permit.
  3. PTW-1221 – 400 Bad Request when an RA does not exist in TRMS for the selected site.
  4. PTW-1217 – Permit Allowance Emails
  5. PTW-1218 – Close screen Handback & Create Follow Up button.
  6. PTW-1215 – User cannot Reissue permit with error message: You are unable to sign this type of permit
  7. PTW-1216 – Double message appears when the Area manager needs to close a permit.
  8. PTW-1139 – Blank Permit Question Set copies over all the checkboxes from the main screen.
  9. PTW-1214 – Login screen server error when AzureAD is used in PTW.