Bulk Replace in ATMS

Problem 🙁 “People have moved on and some of the actionees and reviewers in the system no longer work for the company”

Solution 🙂 Don’t panic! Use the ATMS ‘Bulk Replace’ function

It happens a lot: folks move projects, get promoted, or leave to move onto new challenges.

Bulk Replace provides an easy way of ‘remapping’ ATMS Actions from one user to another, saving you loads of time and effort.

With great power comes great responsibility
Bulk Replace is only available to ATMS System Admins, and it’s hidden away on the ATMS Administration page.

If you’re not an ATMS Administrator, then sorry, this isn’t for you, in fact, you won’t even see the Administration button, but feel free to stick around. You might not be an Admin today, but… 😉


If you’re not sure whether you are an ATMS Administrator or not, login to ATMS and look for the ‘cogs’ or ‘gears’ icon in the ATMS sidebar.
ATMS Administrators have this in their sidebar.

The Getting started with ATMS, and ATMS User Manual are a great source of more information about the ATMS user interface.

I’m an ATMS admin, where can I find ‘Bulk Replace’?
Login to ATMS and click the Administration button in the sidebar – this displays the General Administration tab.
(You’ll see your login name in the place of System Admin at the top of your screen.)


ATMS Administration is complex, so the options are organised using multiple tabs.
The General tab contains several sections (hidden in the screenshot above for clarity).
The ‘Bulk Replace’ functionality can be found in the ‘Advanced Administration Options’ section.

Note: The ‘Advanced Administration Options’ section appears at the bottom of the page, so you may have to scroll the window to see it.

Please read the Warning:

Warning – This housekeeping module allows potential deletion of critical data and is supplied for use by experienced system administrators for the purpose of performing ad-hoc maintenance. Pisys can accept no responsibility for any data loss or corruption caused by use of this module. By proceeding to the housekeeping module, you are indicating your agreement to the above.

Only click the checkbox if you accept the risk, and are happy to proceed.

Checking the checkbox enables the ‘Bulk Replace’ button.
Don’t worry, clicking ‘Bulk Replace’ only loads the ‘Bulk Replace’ page, it doesn’t touch any ATMS data.

Go ahead and click the ‘Bulk Replace’ button now.

Finally, Bulk Replace
Bulk Replace provides an easy way of ‘remapping’ ATMS Actions from one user/role to another.

Bulk Replace works in two ways:

  1. If you know who you’re replacing, then use Individual Replacement
  2. If you don’t, for example there’s a new person filling an ATMS role, then use Role Replacement

We’ll look at them both in turn.

Individual Replacement
Individual To Be Replaced
is the person who’s been reorganised, or promoted, or moved on.
Replacement is the replacement for the ‘Individual To Be Replaced’.

Nothing happens until you click the Replace button, but once you click the Replace button that’s it – there’s no Undo option!

When you’re happy with your selections, you click the Replace button to perform the Bulk Replace operation.

You can be choosy about the Projects and Project Roles affected by your Bulk Replace.
This is where the ‘Project Name’ and ‘Role To Be Replaced’ drop lists come in.

Project Name filters the projects affected, letting you select the projects that you want to update.
This is useful where someone’s project responsibilities change. Perhaps they’ve taken on more project responsibility, or someone has taken over one of their projects.
The ‘Project Name’ drop list allows you to replace a person on a particular project, leaving all other projects as they were.

For example:
If ‘Alpha’ is selected in ‘Project Name’, this means that in every Action in the Alpha project, Bob Smith is replaced by Charlie Turner. All other Projects remain untouched.

Role To Be Replaced filters the Project Roles affected (Action creator, owner, reviewer 1, 2, etc.)

For example:
If Reviewer 1 is selected in ‘Role To Be Replaced’, this means that in every Action where Bob Smith is Reviewer 1, he’s replaced by Charlie Turner.

Note: Bulk Replace does not affect archived projects, or closed actions.

Role Replacement
This will replace whoever is in ‘Role To Be Replaced’ with whoever is selected in the ‘Replacement’ drop list, for the ‘Project Name’ selected.bulk-replace-role2

In the example above:
Bob Smith is taking on the role of Actions Owner for the Alpha project.

Remember: Bulk Replace does not affect archived projects, or closed actions.

I clicked Replace, what just happened?
When you click the Replace button ATMS performs the Bulk Replace operation according to the options selected.

Remember that it does not affect closed Actions, or any Actions in archived projects.

If you’re not sure what an Archived Project is, please refer to the ATMS User Manual for more information.

You can review the results of the Bulk Replace operation in the ‘Log’ section at the bottom of the Bulk Replace page.

For example:
In our test system containing the Alpha project, with a single Action – Bob Smith is being replaced by Charlie Turner.

This produces the following ‘Log’ output:

You can verify Bulk Replace operations by examining actions in the affect Projects.

Trust us, ATMS Bulk Replace works and will save you loads of time, every time you hear about another staff reorganisation, or sign someone’s ‘So sorry you’re leaving!’ card.

Craig Group
Paying it forward