Balance – sussed

Let’s start with my limitations – I don’t really know what it’s like to have a proper job – I’ve been running this business since 1988 and I love it . I come in at weekends, work late, answer emails in my PJ’s, think about work in the shower, take days off, leave early, go for long walks at lunchtime, get up at stupid o clock for networking meetings, send out quotes over Christmas…..

So I think I understand the balance thing – you take all the stuff you do at work and all the stuff you do outside work and put them at opposite ends of a see-saw and they should balance, and if they don’t you need to get another job or start working harder – sounds perfectly clear – unless you run your own business, then you can look at work and life as like different coloured pieces of plasticene which you combine by rolling them together. It becomes tricky to get the blues and and the reds back after you’ve done that as any 2 year old will happily demonstrate.

For the entrepreneur, work life balance  is an artificial construct – for your staff it is probably different, they may have a stake in the business and they may also love what they do – I hope for your sake that they do  in fact, but they will never be invested in it to the extent that you are, so when you look at them, take off your entrepreneur glasses and realise you’re not comparing apples with apples.

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