ATMS Release v6.2.0.0

What’s New in ATMS Release v6.2.0.0

In addition to some bug fixes, the release includes:

Risk Matrix Filter

  • We have added a new Risk Matrix filter on the action list screen.
  • To enable it simply go to the Matrix Edit screen in Administration.

  • Once the filter is enabled a button will appear in the Action List Screen filter area.

  • Clicking the filter button will open the matrix in a pop-up window.

  • Here the user can select a matrix cell to apply the filter. The filter shows a count of all actions for each matrix cell.
  • Once the filter is applied the system will show all actions using the selected matrix value.

  • To clear the filter, click the filter button again and then click Clear and apply.

ATMS API Updates

We have added the following enhancements to the ATMS API:

  • JWT Refresh and Access token Authentication for the ATMS API.
  • Filters are added to ATMS API get actions functionality.
  • Ability to import actions into PowerBI and other systems using ATMS API.
  • A guide to import ATMS data using the ATMS API into Power BI and create a simple report. This can be accessed via the ATMS Help Menu.
  • Create actions using ATMS API.
  • Admin section to manage API access for the users.

Entity Framework Code Updates

We switched the database changes in ATMS to EF core when we added the API functionality and EF Core database contexts are available Across the ATMS app stack for use. Use of EF core will improve performance and makes it much simple to perform various simple database relates tasks.

If you have any comments or queries about this release, please get in touch with  – we rely on your feedback to help us continually improve.

Our ATMS User Manual and ATMS Quick User Guide are always available to provide extra support.