ATMS v5.05 release notes

ATMS v5.0.5 is live.

The following key features have been added to this release

  • ATMS can now be used as an interface management system to track and manage inter/intra-company collaborations and the queries that arise from them. We have one major operator and one major contractor already using this feature
  • Option to remove any unwanted filters from the main list screen – we really like this one as it gives more area for actions and makes the main screen easier to navigate
  • Can Change Status User Permission: A user with this permission will be able to change the status of their visible actions.
  • Action Admin User Permission : Allow users to have full control over the actions visible to them. Apart from changing the status of an action, a user with this permission can do anything with actions visible to them which a sysadmin could do
  • Print Action Without Audit: allow printing of action details without audit trails.
  • New Action in Filtered Project: system can be configured not to show the select project screen and create new actions in projects selected from main action list screen filter. Select project screen will appear only if no project is selected from the list screen filters.
  • Normal user can’t edit actions: Ability to completely lock the edit screen as soon as an action is created – only admins and users with special permissions can change the relevant fields.
  • Disable Delete Action: Includes sysadmins
  • Allow use of cancelled status for all actions. This goes hand in hand with disable delete actions feature. So, if you can’t delete actions which are not completed you have to cancel them to stop them from appearing as outstanding actions.
  • Option to remove ATMS update history link from the sidebar
  • Option to remove ATMS user manual link from the sidebar
  • Change the sort order of the Audit and Comments list on Action edit screen.

As always we welcome your feedback – we’re now busy working on the feature list for the next version and we’ll keep you updated on how we’re getting on.

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