ATMS v5.0.7

We’ve made some pretty significant improvements to this version of ATMS – as always, please get in touch with with any questions – we rely on your feedback to help us continually improve

1. Treeview Controls with a selected node can have that value passed through to the main Action List Screen as a column.

2. Action Rejection/Approval Comments can now be passed through to main Action List Screen as a column.

3. New Control available for Actions – DropDownList populated with ATMS Users.

4. Roles in Actions (such as reviewer, approver etc.) can be fixed to a particular user or allowed to be blank.

5. Action Import can now import into multiple projects simultaneously.

6. Custom filters can now be applied to the main Action List Screen.

7. Templates for Importing Actions now provided in Excel with pre-populated dropdowns for known lists of values.

ATMS v5.0.6
What's new in v5.1