ATMS v5.0.6

We’ve been busy – loads of new features :

1. Project Copy feature
2. Action Copy feature
3. Resend Email feature
4. Action file attachments shows which files are being attached before save
5. Default settings for trees to appear as expanded or collapsed
6. Project Action Number on list screen appear as a hyperlink to its action
7. System can be setup to display dates in dd/mm/yyyy(UK format) or mm/dd/yyyy (US format)
8. We can hide User Manual Link
9. We can hide Pisys logos
10. Can use different from E-mail for all the system generated emails for all the actions of a projects
11. Can archive dropdown options (this includes Custom Dropdown, Category, Sub Category, Priority controls)
12. Can have a default value for the date, textbox and multiline text box controls
13. If you don’t use certain fixed reports then we can hide them
14. Maximum number of characters for multiline textboxes is increased to 15000 characters from 4000
15. All multiline text boxes will have an ‘expand’ button on action edit screen which will display the text in a big dialogue
16. Lots of validation and cross browser compatibility improvements
17. Various system wide bug fixes and performance improvements for example project visibility screen is much faster
18. Prevent pressing backspace fires the browser back functionality at different screens
19. ATMS license enforcement is improved
20. Welcome to ATMS and password reset email is configurable
21. You can have custom timeout between 1 to 12 hours
22. Import users from an excel or csv file
23. Project Controls can be displayed on action edit screen
24. Risk Matrix – allows matrices to be set up per project and used in actions to represent any kind of 2D matrix – not just for risks !

ATMS v5.05 release notes
ATMS v5.0.7