ATMS v4.1.3.2

We’re aiming for a release on Monday 23rd Sept

Quite a few new features here including:

  • The ability to have actions without any reviewer/approver roles. i.e. project edit allows all roles on roles tab to be not required. Actions for this project to be closed when owner completes the action response. – this allows simple actions or regular recurring actions to be configured for fast processing
  • Bulk replace in the admin section is improved and now system administrators can replace a project role with an individual or another role in that project.
  • Due Date of an action will be visible if the action is closed which wasn’t the case in older versions.
  • Project Edit Screen: Set project roles default to ‘Not Required’ instead of set Reviewer x role
  • Action import template download contains only fields which have been set to visible on action screen
  • Custom report edit screen controls list is in alphabetical order
  • Now you can save a custom report with ‘include archive checkbox’ state selected
  • Project action number is part of the linked action preview list



ATMS v4.1.2.0
ATMS v4.2.0.4