ATMS v4.0

We’re delighted to announce a brand new version of ATMS – the most obvious change is that it now works on most common browsers ( and it looks great on an iPad..), but there are some significant improvements in the way large data sets are handled.

Features include:
• ATMS is now working on IE8+, Chrome, Safari and Firefox.
• Scrollable sidebar and Admin tabs. Note: Scroll buttons only appear if the sidebar or admin tabs don’t fit in the available screen area.
• Scrollbars for Edit screen which don’t fit in the actual screen. For example, now system Administrators can have more controls on Action edit screen without worrying about Resolution.
• Paging introduced improving the page load time. General Tab in Admin Section allows System Administrator to Enable/Disable Paging and if enabled set Number of Actions per Page.
• “Action Involving Me” and “Action Requiring My Attentions” Filters for Reports and Custom Reports. Admin can enforce these filters for users so the user can only see and generate reports with locked filter enforced.
• Outstanding actions by users Report now Shows List of Outstanding Actions and already overdue action for each user
• All Admin Screens which list the relevant contents have Sort (Ascending and Descending order) facility on each of its columns.
• Better field validation error messages
• Custom Report is available in the report section and it directly generates a PDF report.
• Sort by Linked actions and attachments (Ascending and Descending) is available on Action list screen and Linked Actions Preview is available on action list screen. User can navigate to linked action by clicking the previewed action.

As usual , if you have any questions please contact the support team at

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ATMS v4.1.0.0