ATMS Release v6.4.0.9

What’s new in ATMS v6.4.0.9

The following is a list of enhancements that were implemented in Pisys ATMS release

  • ATMS-434 – We have removed the confirmation dialogue when a user logs out (if using Form authentication) or Switches User (if using AzureAD authentication)
  • ATMS-436 – We have increased the Control Name Label character text from 70 characters to 100 characters.

The following is a list of bug fixes that were implemented in Pisys ATMS release

  • ATMS-432 – Action List screen crashes when a project filter is applied and then a status filter is selected via the dashboard screen.
  • ATMS-433 – Action Edit Screen Hyperlink control causes ATMS to crash for action reviewers.
  • ATMS-456 – 2nd and subsequent pages on tables in dashboard – action link are not working. Only the first pages are responding to clicks. Once you hit any of the paging buttons the table becomes unresponsive.
  • ATMS-457 – Action Numbers change when the Auto Generated number is turned ON and more specifically when the Lock Project Action Number is ON.

The following is a list of security fixes that were implemented in Pisys ATMS release

  • ATMS-435 – Encrypt ATMS SQL Connections
  • ATMS-437 – Update SharpZip Library to fix Security Vulnerability.
  • ATMS-453 – Viewstate encrypted in ATMS pages.
  • ATMS-454 – Weak random number generator.

We have also updated the ATMS UI from a two column view to a single column view. While we are rolling out our new ATMS UI a Beta preview is available upon request at no extra charge. Please get in touch with  to have it enabled.

If you have any comments or queries about this release, please get in touch with  – we rely on your feedback to help us continually improve.

Our ATMS User Manual and ATMS Quick User Guide are always available to provide extra support.