ATMS Release v6.2.1.7

What’s Included in ATMS Release v6.2.1.7

The following is a full list of bug fixes that were implemented in Pisys ATMS release

  • ATMS-398 – Issue with Project Visibility. There was an issue where if a Company lost access to a Project (was deselected from the Project Visibility Screen) the Action Owner control was left blank even though it is a required field. This has now been fixed.
  • ATMS-399 – Issue with the UI when a Risk Matrix is used as a filter on the Action List screen.
  • ATMS-400 – Add ability to login using Form and Azure AD Auth at the same time. If you need to enable this new feature please contact Pisys Support (

If you have any comments or queries about this release, please get in touch with  – we rely on your feedback to help us continually improve.

Our ATMS User Manual and ATMS Quick User Guide are always available to provide extra support.

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