Approving a Long Term Isolation Request

Isolations > Isolation List

  1. In the Isolation List, click the ‘View’ button next to the isolation which you want to approve for Long-Term Isolations.
  2. The Isolation Details Screen opens. Click the ‘Approve Long Term Isolation’ button in the Long-Term Isolation Details Section.
  3. The ‘Isolation Confirm Long Term’ Screen opens. Re-enter your password to approve, and click the ‘Confirm Long Term Isolation’ button OR
    Click the ‘Return’ button to return to the Isolation Details Screen without approving the long-term isolation request.

The Isolations Details Screen opens. The Approval for the Long Term Isolation is now listed in the ‘Long Term Isolation Details’ Section.

The isolation is also listed in the Long-Term Isolations Register, as described in the ‘The Long-Term Isolation Register’ section of this manual.

Requesting Long Term Isolation
Confirming Long Term Isolations Periodically