Administrator’s Guide to PTW

Pisys PTW is fully configurable by PTW Administrators via the Admin menu.

From here, Administrators can:

  • Create user accounts
  • Allocate different access levels to users
  • Add work sites/areas and contractor companies.
  • Define permit sign rights/user access levels
  • Create new permit questions and answers, or edit the standard question set which is pre-loaded in the system
  • Replace wording on screens and buttons with their own company’s terminology
  • Set up automatic email notifications
  • Control the permit approvals workflow
  • Define what answers and attachments are mandatory
  • Customize Isolations settings, if the Isolations Module has been added
  • Customize Contractor Management settings, if the Contractor Management Module has been added
  • Select and de-select workflow restrictions, so that users cannot approve their own permits.
  • Make method statement and risk assessment attachments mandatory
Handing Back / Closing Permits and Creating Follow-up Permits
Permit Sign Rights