Actions Screen In Detail

The Main Actions Screen is displayed first as most users will spend most of their time interacting with it.

Action Filters

The Action list is the heart of the Main Action Screen. Although it might start empty or with just a few actions, it will fill up with rows and eventually pages of Actions. This is when “Filters” become useful. The actions displayed can be filtered by using various filter options.

Useful Filters

As the number of actions increases, you may find that you only want to see actions which are relevant to you. Here’s the Filter section of the Main Action Screen.

Changing drop list selections and checkboxes changes which actions are displayed in the Action list. ATMS™ allows filtering by:

  • Project - Select a project from the pull-down list to see all actions related to the project.
  • Status - View all actions with a specific status (open, closed etc.).
  • Priority - Show all actions at the selected priority.
  • Category - Show all actions with selected category.
  • Role / Name - Show all actions from a specific person in a specific role.
  • Overdue - Show only actions that are still not closed beyond their due date.
  • Strategy Overdue – If a strategic review stage has been included you can track actions that haven’t passed this stage by the strategy due date.
  • Include Archived - Closed actions can be archived - by default they don’t appear on action views but you can force them to be displayed. ATMS™ can be configured to automatically archived closed actions.
  • Require My Attention - Show only actions that you are required to complete or approve.
  • Actions Involving Me - Show only actions that you are or have been involved with (includes actions you have already approved).
  • Actions Involving My Company - Show only actions that you or any of your company colleagues are or have been involved with.

It is possible for a user to combine these filter parameters to provide a flexible search tool. There are other ways to search which will be covered in another chapter of the manual, but this is a fast way to narrow down the list of actions a user is looking at.

Once a filter has been defined the resulted actions can be printed or exported as required. If filtering is no longer required and the full actions list needs to be displayed again simply click on the “reset all” button to clear all the filters and therefore display all actions.

It is worth mentioning here that if a user frequently applies similar filters, they can use the “Save Search Filter”  feature to save it as a default filter which will be automatically applied every time they login to the system.

Free Text Search

If you are still unable to find the action(s) you are looking for, you can use the free-text search facility located to the right of the toolbar buttons at the top of the main page:

Enter the required search criteria in the search box and click “Search” or press the ENTER key. The actions list will then be filtered by actions containing the search phrase.

The "Text Search" function on the main list screen has been extended to include all action responses in the search, instead of the information from the first response only.

Using the "Text Search" function a user can also search for all words in the text box as well as phrases defined in quotes.

For example,

  • Test 123 ABC - returns Actions which have "Test" OR "123" OR "ABC" in the various defined fields.
  • Test "123" ABC - returns Actions which have "Test" OR "123" OR "ABC" in the various defined fields.
  • "Test 123" ABC - returns Actions which have "Test 123" OR "ABC" in the various defined fields.
  • "Test 123 ABC" - returns Actions which have exactly "Test 123 ABC" in the various defined fields.

Risk Matrix Filters

We have added a new Risk Matrix filter on the action list screen. To enable it simply go to the Matrix Edit screen in Administration.

Once the filter is enabled a button will appear in the Action List Screen filter area.

Clicking the filter button will open the matrix in a pop-up window.

Here the user can select a matrix cell to apply the filter. The filter shows a count of all actions for each matrix cell.

Once the filter is applied the system will show all actions using the selected matrix value.

To clear the filter, click the filter button again and then click Clear and apply.

ATMS™ will always filter the actions list by actions matching the search criteria until you click the “Clear” or the “Reset All” button.

Any of the column headings can be used to sort displayed actions in ascending and descending order– for example, clicking on “Date Raised” will group the actions in order of their created/raised date.

You can also export everything displayed on the main screen to an Excel spreadsheet by clicking the export button. Even though ATMS™ has separate fixed and custom report functions, this combination of search filters along with print and export can also be used as a powerful reporting mechanism.

Action Controls