Actions are Everywhere

We've all had actions - whether as an output from a meeting, a random conversation or email, or simply an idea that we've come up with which we park in the ' must get round to' section.

Which is fine if you deal with actions like ' get the milk', but if you're reading this I am assuming you have some slightly more important issues to deal with.

We've spent an awful lot of time since around 2001 talking to our customers about how they manage actions, and to be honest, there are a few recurring themes.. whatever industry you're in it's likely that some of the things we discuss here will resonate with you.

This document is the heavily distilled result of thousands of conversations with engineers, programmers, auditors, project managers and frustrated actin owners of all shapes and sizes all over the world - feel free to comment, borrow or ignore any or all of it, but I'd be surprised if you don't see a few things that you agree with.