Action Workflows

When an action is raised, one or more individuals will receive a notification email depending on how ATMS™ has been configured.

Each user will then log in to ATMS™ and open the action for which they are responsible, add any notes which may be required and indicate the completion of the stage.

The action then gets passed to the next approval level, with everyone indicating completion or rejection, until the action has been finally approved and closed out by the relevant lead.

Action status emails are sent to designated individuals with the Audit & Action Notes section automatically updated to reflect any status changes.

If ATMS™ is configured to allow the Action Owner to reassign an action upon approval or rejection, then the Action Owner can for example, reject the action and reassign it back to the Action Creator with either explanatory text in the Action Notes or entered on the email preview page.

The diagrams that follow show some of the most common workflows when processing actions in ATMS™.

Strategic Review with Strategic Response