ATMS – Action tracking, Management and Reporting

ATMS is a web based, highly configurable workflow tool for creating and managing actions across any type of business. It can deal with multiple approval levels for high-governance actions but is also ideal for simpler actions where no sign-off is required.

'Our users love the Pisys system because it fits the way they work'

Mike Forrest, Wood PLC UK Head of Process and Safety Engineering

Case Studies

  • Structure & plan your projects
  • Capture actions offline at meetings and easily import them
  • Strategy review feature allows a strategic approach to a problem to be developed before an action goes live
  • High governance – unlimited levels of approval are available for HAZOP etc.
  • Create and assign actions
  • Manage action sign-off
  • Multi-level project / sub-project structure
  • Powerful control over project visibility – tightly control who can access actions
  • Action detail changes recorded in audit trail
  • Simplify team co-ordination
  • Configurable e-mail alerts
  • Treeview and matrix feature – ideal for risk management
  • Easily create new tasks
  • Full range of reports

Organise projects into sub-projects, tasks, & actions with a well-defined flow when they’re completed. Tasks can be easily assigned to team members – when they complete, members waiting on the action are notified, & other actions are activated.


Coordinate – The web interface allows simultaneous access by multiple users from anywhere in the world, so wherever your team members are located they stay in touch with their team & tasks.


Control – Each team member can be assigned a role within the system, limiting their access to the data they really need. Key personnel can be given ‘approver’ status, allowing them to sign off tasks when they’re satisfied.