Action Controls

Action Paging

If the number of actions to be displayed is large, you can select paging from the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.

System Administrators can enable/disable paging or configure the default page size through the administration section. In the administration “General Tab” alter the required paging parameters as shown.

Control Group Tabs

The actions list screen will display all the actions relevant to a project selected as a filter including its child projects or sub projects. Depending on which project you have selected (and its sub projects), the actions to be listed may come from more than one control group.

Control groups are highly configurable, and they could have different names for control types, and different columns displayed on the action list screen. For that reason, they must be shown separately. Tabs for each control group with a count of the actions within (only shown when the tab is selected) will be displayed at the bottom of the Actions List Screen.

The Context Menu

The “Context Menu” is available by right-clicking on an action/control/user/project etc. The options available depend on which screen’s context menu you have selected but for the Actions List Screen we have: New, Edit, Delete and Print. These options are all identical in function to their corresponding entries in the toolbar at the top of the screen.


Actions Screen In Detail
Add A New Action