Permit to Work

Improve safety and lower risk by increasing visibility in your workplace. The Pisys Electronic Permit to Work system(‘PTW’) is a cloud-based system for creating and managing Permits to Work across any type of business or work site.

Action Tracking

Action Tracking, Management and Reporting. Pisys Action Tracking is perfect for managing important actions. It allows action details to be captured in a configurable form and assigned to an individual for completion.

Task Risk Manager

Manage task based risks with a simple setup. The Pisys Task Risk Manager is a cloud-based tool that will assist you in task based risk management. It has an uncluttered interface that gets you straight to the data you need, and the central risk register means that all stakeholders see the current state of critical risk data.

Near Miss Manager

Near Miss recording and management with a simple setup. Pisys Near-Miss manager allows easy near miss recording and tracks mitigation through a powerful and configurable workflow. Recording a near miss is an important part of managing workplace safety.

Operations Training Simulators

The world’s most widely used Major Emergency/Incident Response and Control Room training simulator. A comprehensive Major Emergency Management/Control Room Operator Training model replicating a fixed platform with drilling, and oil and gas production, designed for optimal MEM and CRO training, replicating a real-world control room simulator to create a realistic training environment for students.

ESG Reporting

Record and Manage Environment, Social and Governance Data quickly and accurately. Share measurable progress in achieving ESG goals. A KPI Dashboard shows all the key data your stakeholders need to see. Data gathering is quick and simple by using forms that allow data to be input across the organisation.


Pisys 360 Integrated HSEQ

Enterprise HSE systems can be cumbersome and expensive. We have always believed that creating a family of specialised products which focus on particular HSE needs is more effective than forcing multiple functions into a single system - creating unnecessary obstacles to getting the job done. Use as many of the modules as you require and take advantage of the unique integration between the core elements to provide a flexible and scalable solution to your HSEQ Governance issues.

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