A computer engineer setting up two monitors
On 28 November 2018

Aberdeen. One of our MEM Simulator Suites is getting ready for its long journey to Port Harcourt, Nigeria. The Customer is Tolmann Allied Services, a leading International Risk Management Safety and Emergency company and OPITO approved Training Provider, mainly for the offshore industry.

On 13 September 2018

I can clearly remember the ‘birth’ of Pisys. I’d been working for a small offshore survey company, as part of the software development team and we had been riding out the latest downturn in the energy sector which had caused a drop in oil price to circa $14 in 1986. (more…)

On 10 August 2018

(Peter Benton our product manager describes his experiences of starting with Pisys)

Some things are etched on your mind forever. Like taking your child to their first day of school. The overly-breezy conversations on the journey, all the hysterics and tears as you wave them goodbye at the gate, only to hear them say, “Get a grip, Dad: I’ll be home this afternoon”. (more…)

On 29 June 2018

‘Cyber essentials’ is a great name for an IT security standard, it has enough Dr Who/Trekkie overtones to persuade the non-techies amongst us that it is really important, which it is up to a point. It’s  a government backed scheme for ensuring that businesses meet some basic IT security standards, for example having strong passwords, keeping anti virus up to date, preventing malware  etc. – all essential stuff, but it’s only really the tip of the iceberg in terms of real IT security.

On 26 June 2018

In the 80’s there was a comedy show called ‘Not the nine o clock news’ which was fantastically politically incorrect – one of its most outrageous sketches involved an assessor visiting a pie factory to check up on the latest of a long stream of apprentices who had been sent there and never heard from again (more…)

On 15 June 2018

I just returned from a very non-business trip to Hawaii.  We’d been following the news about the volcanic eruption in the South and every day brought more doom and gloom – it looked like the whole island was covered by red hot lava, the air filled with choking ash.. Despite our fears, flights appeared to be running as normal, and when we arrived we were relieved to find a tropical paradise, just like we expected. (more…)

On 15 June 2018

Ok – thats a little harsh – I might find your idea interesting, amusing, even inspiring.

But… to turn that idea into a business takes time, effort and resource – and guess what, I’m using a lot of that developing the dozens of ideas I had on my own without adding yours to the mix. (more…)

On 14 June 2018

It was a marketing role and my big mistake was to reveal my passion for ‘excellent written and spoken English’ – if only I wasn’t such a stickler for spelling and grammar I would probably have had someone in post by now – it’s only marketing after all, what do a few typos matter here and there. (more…)

On 14 June 2018

I was sitting in a meeting with my business partner this week and we were pondering the good old days when we were both able to spend concentrated periods of time focussed on a single task. (more…)

On 14 June 2018

Since 1996, the Wayback Machine has been archiving cached pages of websites, unfortunately for Pisys this means that we can’t pretend that we never tried to launch an online food delivery service about 15 years before online food ordering was a ‘thing’ – in the interests of full disclosure here’s the evidence: (more…)

On 14 June 2018

I always harboured a desire to work in a music shop.

Music shop guys were cool – especially the ones who could make a £50 guitar sound like the most beautiful thing in the world. As I got older I started wondering if I could make a living from music which was one of my key passions – it was a romantic dream which seemed infinitely more attractive than slogging through a computer science degree. (more…)

On 14 June 2018

Dongles and parallel printer ports – not words you often hear together these days. Back in the 90’s dongles were quite different to the tiny easily lost flecks of plastic we’re used to using with bluetooth devices etc. They were great big chunky boxes which attached to the printer port ( remember when PC’s had those). (more…)