Save Action filter in ATMS

Problem ūüôĀ¬†“There are just so many Actions, I have to filter my Action list every time I log into ATMS!”

Solution ūüôā¬†Save your filter settings

You know that you can filter what’s displayed on the Main ATMS Action Screen right?atms-filters-clippedYou can filter by Project, Status, Category, Involving You or Your company¬†etc.¬†using the listboxes and checkboxes above the Action list.¬†¬†

Well, after you’ve got your action screen filtered to show you exactly what you want to see, click the Save button in the Action Tracker Toolbar (highlighted below) and follow the instructions on the displayed popup.


This saves the filter options and ensures that you see your Action list filtered using the same criteria every time you login.

You can return to an unfiltered action screen by clicking the Reset All button.

Click the Save button and follow the popup’s instructions to set this as your default every time you login.