1988 highlights

1988 was an interesting year – here’s a few of the highlights
3 – Nurses throughout the UK strike for higher pay and more cash for the National Health Service
4 – Nearly 7,000 ferry workers go on strike in Britain, paralysing the nation’s seaports
5 – The first BBC Red Nose Day raises £15 million for charity
16 – Thousands of nurses and co-workers form picket lines outside British hospitals as they go on strike in protest against what they see as inadequate NHS funding
26 – A foolish boy starts a software company called ‘Aardvark Software Consultants, later to be renamed ‘Pisys’

Admittedly the name was chosen in a pub – lesson #1 – don’t start a business in a pub unless it’s a pub you’re starting.

Anyway, I can see some similarities between the world in 1988 and today – but there are a lot of differences. At Pisys we have had the privilege of working through some of the biggest technology shifts in history and I think it’s set us up pretty well to embrace change, which is probably the best thing an IT product design company can do to ensure its longevity!

The next 30 years? – I’m hoping for jetpacks and replicators..



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