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Training Simulation

Multi purpose control room simulators

Do you need to train control room staff in emergency management or marine operations in a highly realistic and configurable environment?

Pisys Ltd. is a world leader in the provision of training simulators for the offshore industry.

Our simulators run on anything from a single laptop to a full immersive control room replica. One simulator can run many ‘models’ representing different assets (e.g, an offshore vessel)

Our unique ‘instructor mode’ allows a trainer to run scenarios and alter the operation of the system while students are using it – for example by inducing faults in key systems to assess problem solving skills.

Simulate all kinds of control room scenarios using our pre-built models or commission a precise replica of your existing system. We go to whatever level of detail you require to achieve the level of realism you need, starting with the control systems which staff are interacting with daily. We’ll work from plans, P&ID’s, safety case documents, screenshots, photos – we often go offshore to capture actual alarm sounds and control panel layouts. This ensures that our simulator is an authentic replica of the asset as-is, rather than ‘as-was’ when it was brand new !

Our moving platform option allows staff to experience vessel movement while undertaking rig moves, ballasting and other marine operations.

We have a number of ‘generic’ models including Jack-ups, FPSO’s and Oil terminals which have been developed around the most common training requirements – this allows us to deliver a working system off the shelf.

Systems are in use worldwide – we’ve included a couple of videos to show you two of our moving platform installs, but the majority of our customers find that a PC network based solution is ideal for their needs.

Download a Simulator Brochure

Directional Drilling Simulation

DDSIM is a PC based simulator which provides the user with an accelerated experience of drilling directional wells. The controls are easy to learn and intuitive with pop up warnings and a help menu.


  • Clear graphics showing the instrumentation, the drill floor and the profile plot as the well progresses
  • Multiple BHA types are available with accurate behaviour models
  • Reactive Torque, weight on bit, fluid pressure and rotary speed effects are all modelled
  • The MWD model includes both long and short surveys so magnetic interference exercises can be done
  • There is a magnetic ranging option for relief well exercises

Download a DDSim brochure

Action Tracking Management System

Struggling to manage and report on critical actions?

Suffering from delays due to open actions?

ATMS can be of great benefit to any organisation with more than a handful of employees, & is especially so if your organisation operates over a wide geographic area. Many previous clients have used ATMS for: HAZOP, HAZID, Value Assurance, Technical Assurance & Project Delivery Assurance projects.


  • Structure & plan your projects
  • Multi-level project / sub-project structure
  • Action detail changes recorded in audit trail
  • Simplify team co-ordination
  • Configurable e-mail alerts
  • Easily create new tasks
  • Export results to Excel

Organise projects into sub-projects, tasks, & actions with a well-defined flow when they’re completed. Tasks can be easily assigned to team members – when they complete, members waiting on the action are notified, & other actions are activated.

Coordinate – The web interface allows simultaneous access by multiple users from anywhere in the world, so wherever your team members are located they stay in touch with their team & tasks.

Control – Each team member can be assigned a role within the system, limiting their access to the data they really need. Key personnel can be given ‘approver’ status, allowing them to sign off tasks when they’re satisfied.

ATMS isn’t complex – when you start it up, what you typically see are all the actions you need to deal with, whether as an actionee or a reviewer. ATMS doesn’t close actions, people do, and we believe ATMS is the best tool you can use to support the critical business of managing and ultimately closing actions.

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ATMS for Interface Management

Pisys  Interface Management leverages ATMS to deliver  a  cloud hosted solution that facilitates the easy communication of interface information between stakeholders. Access to information can be controlled across companies, departments, teams or individuals and multi-level action sign off ensures that actions critical to the interface are clearly visible and properly managed.

  • Easy central management of all interface actions and data
  • Actions can be easily allocated and monitored
  • Bottlenecks can be quickly identified
  • Automated workflow ensures that all responsible parties are kept up to date with deadlines
  • Extensive reporting facilities allow informed conversations between stakeholders
  • Ideal for dispersed teams operating across different regions or companies
  • Easily configurable by the user to reflect their business requirements


ATMS as an Incident Management tool

Capture critical information related to incidents

  1. Track root cause and contributing factors
  2. Capture any associated documentation – photos, reports etc
  3. Create and track actions relating to incidents
  4. Tightly control access to data by company/department/Team/or individual
  5. Access anywhere


ATMS works with your incident management processes to ensure that information is gathered quickly, accurately and securely. It ensures that the people who need to be involved can get involved easily and effectively, and it ensures that subsequent actions can be managed and tracked



View a demo of the ATMS system:

Oilfield Integrity Management

Extreme – Pipeline Data Reporting

Do you need to deal with large volumes of subsea inspection data?

Do you need to view high volumes of data in different formats?

Extreme allows you to view your subsea pipeline data in multiple ways.

Events can be viewed as a text listing or using the linear bar display. Transverse profiles can be viewed using the cross profile screen or long profile screen. Anomalies can be configured based on transverse profile data.

Anomalies can be shown as a listing as well as on the cross and long profile windows.

The XYplot display allows plotting of events, transverse profile, line files and navigation data.

Extreme also allows up to 3 videos to be viewed simultaneously with synchronisation.

Extreme is used on some of the largest subsea pipeline systems in the world – it’s easy to deploy and simple to use.

Pisys have been developing technology for subsea integrity management since 1988 – our senior staff worked as surveyors and programmers on survey spreads worldwide so we’re able to combine many years of front line experience with cutting edge technology to deliver systems that help our clients make sense of an increasing volume of disparate data.


Whether you need short term on-site assistance with analysis, support or development, have a requirement for bespoke software development or need a team of highly qualified and experienced software engineers for a project, Pisys can help.

Pisys have been designing, developing and managing software projects since the late ’80s and we think we’re getting the hang of it! We combine a high level of technical expertise with a ‘real world’ appreciation of the business drivers – we operate on the simple but often overlooked principle that IT should add value, not remove it!

Our ideal project has some intense technical challenges combined with a requirement for a clean and easy user interface. We do love a challenge though so if you need something you just can’t buy off the shelf please give us a try – Contact us.

Sample Projects:

  • Developing control software for a tv game show
  • Building a vehicle tracking system long before gps became standard issue
  • Developing an online food ordering service
  • Building a portal to connect inventors to investors
  • Building a control system to synchronise the movement of offshore satellite dishes
  • Developing a laser based navigation system
  • Building a system to analyse pro golf scores
  • Building a system to record and report pupil performance including fingerprint sensors for attendance