Permit to Work Software


Create and approve Permits at the worksite. View all current permits on the Permit Board. Manage handovers and handbacks. Access Permits from anywhere.

Pisys PTW is a web based system for creating and managing Permits to Work across any type of business or work site, for all types of hazardous work, such as working at height, confined space entry, hot and cold work, excavations.
The system can also remind users of the need for isolations.

Pisys PTW fits in with your existing Control of Work or HSE Management System and is line with HSE Guidance on Electronic Permit to Work Systems, as per HSG250.

How Pisys PTW is used

Permits are created at the worksite using an iPad, tablet or even iPhone, and then signed off by authorised personnel using their own signatures.

The virtual Permit Board is based on the permit boards found in site offices. It shows all current permits on one screen, and can be viewed from anywhere – giving management an overview of all permits across the whole worksite. Potential conflicts between ongoing jobs can be seen clearly, and risks managed better.

Permits can be printed for display at the work site. On completion of the work, ‘hand backs’ can be recorded and permits closed out to confirm that a job has been completed and the worksite left safe.

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Better for Management. Easy for Personnel.

Pisys PTW complements and even improves vital safety/risk conversations at the worksite and helps with task planning and risk management. The system helps streamline workflows, communication and contractor management and keeps everyone involved in planning, managing and doing the work informed.

The software is highly configurable and will fit into users' existing way of working, not the other way around - and because existing paper-based systems can be transferred onto Pisys PTW, set-up training times are kept to a minimum.

The system is easy to set up, and highly customisable. It is typically configured by key users themselves before the system is rolled out for use across the company or project. Key users create the Permit questions, using their own terminology and worksites. They can also create pre-defined answers to questions, such as yes/no, a selection from a drop-down list, or create an entry box for free-form information.

Management reports and statistics give insights of your use of the Permit system over time.

And because the PTW system compiles all information for you, nothing is lost or missed due to Human Error: the Permit Board will be complete, all permit questions answered, permits will be signed off and handed back - giving you confidence in your system.

All permits are saved in one place and can be accessed from anywhere - no more lost permits. Filter, Sort and Search options help you to find the permits you are looking for quickly and efficiently.

Pisys takes care of the data management and keeps your data secure. We are certified to the ISO 27001 “Information Management Systems” Standard.

Pisys PTW helps your organisation adhere to legislation and HSE Guidance.

Why Pisys PTW?

• Off-the-shelf product
• Intuitive and easy to learn
• User-Customisable to your needs
• Use your company’s terminology and systems
• Annual charge based on usage
• Secure – PTW is a cloud application, hosted in our datacentre and backed up by us
• Paperless – cut down on filing and admin (a print-option for permits exists)
• Training time kept to a minimum, create permits from day one
• Useable anywhere you have internet
• Use computer, mobile or iPad to collaborate, manage, sign off and view your permits from anywhere.

Benefits of Pisys PTW – in a nutshell

• Create PTWs easily from scratch
• Print permits to display at the worksite
• Hand back permits on completion of work
• List and review existing permits
• View all simultaneous permits at a glance
• Customise entry forms – use your own questions and definitions
• Prompt for Hot Work and Confined Space Entry permits
• Customise to include other types of work, e.g. isolations
• Keep all permits in one place – access them from anywhere
• Record spot-checks, outcomes, learnings related to the permit

From Paper to Electronic

Pisys PTW makes the transition from paper to electronic system simple:

Existing permit questions can be transferred to Pisys PTW as part of the initial setup by yourselves.

The electronic system will look and feel familiar to your personnel and contractors from the outset, and you can use your existing workflows. This keeps training times to a minimum and makes the switch to Pisys PTW easy.

The system will fit in with your company, not the other way round. But don’t take our word for it, see it for yourself:

Send us one of your permits and we’ll show you it working on our system.

Cost and what’s included

Initial setup cost may apply.
Annual subscriptions start from £2000.
Annual fee includes hosting, unlimited telephone/email support during office hours, data backup, routine updates
A pay-per-use option is available for producing low volumes of permits.

Pisys PTW as part of your HSE Management

• Help with task planning – look after the safety of your personnel, your assets and the environment
• Help meet legal and HSE requirements

• All work is approved prior to commencing
• Management is aware of all ongoing tasks – simultaneous operations can be co-ordinated
• Electronic signatures, Permits are printable for display at the worksite

• No paperwork – no time wasted filing or retrieving permits from a paper-based system, no mislaid permits
• Secure storage – all permits are stored electronically, are backed up by Pisys and can be accessed from anywhere
• Evidence – for audits and your certification: demonstrate that you are using a system to manage your PTWs

• Use your company site names, terminology and location/task-specific questions and company terminology to make PTWs easy to create and understand


Pisys Permit to Work is part of our family of HSE products, which also includes our Action Tracking and Incident Management Software.