Directional Drilling Training Simulator

Directional Drilling Simulation

DDSIM is a PC based simulator which provides the user with an accelerated experience of drilling directional wells. The controls are easy to learn and intuitive with pop up warnings and a help menu.


  • Clear graphics showing the instrumentation, the drill floor and the profile plot as the well progresses
  • Multiple BHA types are available with accurate behaviour models
  • Reactive Torque, weight on bit, fluid pressure and rotary speed effects are all modelled
  • The MWD model includes both long and short surveys so magnetic interference exercises can be done
  • There is a magnetic ranging option for relief well exercises

Click Here for a walkthrough demo by the ‘Father of DDSIM’ – Professor Angus Jamieson, a global authority on Directional Drilling

Download a DDSim brochure

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